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We are often caught in the whirlwinds of our professional and private lives.

Blockades and frustrations set in over time.

I give you the tools to disrupt these brakes and make you more autonomous, more productive and more fulfilled.
The current situation... What do you want to improve?
  • You are simply „stressed“ the whole time? Or even burned out? You have "no time! " ?

  • How could you better manage existing working conditions? The communication with your collegues?

  • You set goals for yourself, but you lose track of them?

  • You want to lose weight ?

  • Do you suffer from addiction ?

  • You lack of energy? Your work-life balance is not "in balance"?

  • You want to achieve a better quality of life?

  • Is fear too present in your life? Or even phobias?

  • You have of speaking in public or of exams?

  • "Letting go" seems impossible to you?

  • You have a difficult past? You cannot "let go"?

  • You want to be able to say "no"?

  • ...?

​What are your challenges?

During my many years of experience, I have frequently encountered people with fixed beliefs that severely limit the quality of life.

The first step is a free personal or telephone appointment, because a good alchemy and trust are essential for a common work. We will develop what the goals and objectives of coaching are. We will then examine your problems individually and establish a process to work on each problem. Learn more about the process

You will learn new techniques and methods that will be incorporated into your behavioural repertoire, and you will receive constructive feedback during the process. Thus, I support you in developing new behaviours, perspectives and resources, so that you can realize your full potential.

My working approach


I am resource focused; flexible and empathetic; sometimes unorthodox and sometimes provocative.

​Your potential success

  • You are more autonomous

  • You are more efficient in your actions

  • You live more according to your values

  • You get rid of unwanted "baggage"

  • You're more authentic

  • You clearly see your goals and objectives and you reach them

  • You are more comfortable with yourself and your environment

I help you to

  • go new ways

  • eliminate blockages

  • recognize your potential and use it sustainably

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