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They have said...an extract of my clients' feedback
"In the last year of gymnasium I did not participate in the study trip with my class because I was too afraid of flying. A friend who knew Georg Krause then advised me to make an appointment with him. At first I hesitated because I thought he couldn't help me. I was so scared that I thought no one could change that. I finally told myself that I had nothing to lose by trying it, so I made an appointment. After only one 1-hour appointment I felt ready to fly! So I made another appointment with him to talk about the other things that bothered me in life. Indeed, I regularly felt anxious without knowing why and how to manage this state. Again after 1 session these anxieties have greatly decreased and I am now falling asleep serenely. Thank you very much Georg"


"After a burnout, Georg helped me regain my self-confidence by giving me strategies to stop being overwhelmed by negative emotions and to be more resilient. Over the sessions and using various techniques (NLP, Hypnosis,...), I feel much stronger today. I learned to see things from a different perspective when a situation puts me under stress and it makes a huge difference. I recommend it without hesitation. Thank you for everything Georg!"
"An apprenticeship with my coach Georg. Human psychology is fascinating. A problem to solve, a solution exists.
In two words:
- My situation:
  • New hierarchical situation within a Geneva luxury company.
  • A rather delicate and very destabilizing story in my old job.
- My expectations:
  • Seeking peace in oneself, in order to better open up to the outside world.
  • General understanding of human attitudes, learning to adjust to each person's level, detecting the signs of language and gestures. Communicate positively.
  • Understand my reactions, study them, master them. Let them become amicable.
It's not easy enough to confide in someone. I tried to go to a shrink, well, not conclusive.
One evening, around a table, I listened from afar, Georg explained his role, his "work". I took his card and put it away carefully. A few weeks/months later, I contacted him.
We met, we talked, we talked about me, we talked about him. He gave me some tips. He made me discover myself, trust myself from within, I could also say, listen to myself.
We went back to my past; breathing, listening, emptying the air, being soothed.
Purpose :
Georg is a bit like a "mother bird". He knows how to help us, make us grow, listen to us. His goal is that we can fly off with our own strength. He gave me courage, strength and perseverance.
His method is very well constructed. I come out of his coaching, independent and free.
Thank you Georg"
"In the early fall of 2017, I contacted Mr. Krause to set up coaching sessions to make me feel better in my workplace. Indeed, being in my third year of apprenticeship, I was experiencing difficulties in terms of stress management, organizational skills and emotional management. I also had problems of self-confidence.
With Georg, we worked on 9 nlp coaching sessions. Not knowing this technique, I must admit that I had some doubts about this method. But Georg made me feel comfortable from the first appointment. During our sessions, Georg gave me simple, practical, flexible and immediately applicable tools to deal with my stress. He also helped me to organize my time in order to better anticipate the daily routine and thus reduce my anxiety. Finally, it has helped me to calm my relationships with my colleagues and regain self-confidence in my daily life.
I now have a toolbox to move forward with maximum serenity in my life.
"Thank you again for this interesting presentation at our monthly meeting. I have successfully implemented your advice and I thank you very much for it. This helps to stay focused on the subject longer and to be able to learn several hours in a targeted way."

​"Once again I am sitting in a train from E. to my current home city. Not long ago, these trips were like a catastrophe, as my own expectations towards my job and my clients were so extreme, that my values had strongly shifted. On a good advice I met Georg. Out of our conversations I have learned to get this shift back into balance and to confront myself stronger with myself and my feelings. Only a few questions, some suggestions and your NLP skills helped me to set this imbalance back into balance and into the right place in my life. So it is possible for me today, yet being 11 pm and my destination station is about to be within reach, to let this day behind me with a smile, as I know that I have already arrived in my inner destination station and I know that my values and feelings have found again their meaning."


"Coaching, why should I do this? No one really needs that…some kind of newfangled hokuspokus?! I can do it on my own, for example with specialized literature, to find my way that I want to go in the future?!

Dear Georg, I would like to cut a long story short. I am very happy to have met you. Even when we only had a few sessions, with your help I have succeeded with your professional help to identify, analyse and find solutions for the greater and currently relevant themes. Thanks to your support I found clarity about what was/is and to have the courage what shall be in the future.

To get help is not a sign of weakness; it is more of a clear sign to become master about the situation and its developments. With your unagitated way, your empathy and understanding I felt in good hands. I always had the feeling that there is an equal partner and not someone smart-aleck. It is actually redundant to say that you have the relevant methodological skills, necessary for a coaching process. You have succeeded in consequent asking to start my own thinking process until I found my motivation to implement my solutions. And this is what it is about.

Hence I can recommend you without any restrictions and with a clean conscience. Thank you for everything!"



"Dear Georg, I have perceived you as someone, who as few hit the nail on the head. Even with someone (partner) who does not listen to anyone, you have created first approaches that have  moved him out of his attitude. You have this sensitivity that makes people “talk”. Empathy and deep knowledge are equally strong. Even as the coaching was short, something inside of me has shifted. I am not only more consequent with myself, but I could also make the experience what positive impact feelings can have and, that in the end, I am responsible myself if I feel good or bad. Thank you!"